We welcome editorial submissions that are well researched and original texts, and that are likely to be of value and interest to the global airport, airline and governmental aviation security community.

How long should an article be? Articles should be around +/- 2000 words in length. Please do not exceed 2500 words.

Who may write for Aviation Security International? We are especially interested in articles by individuals who have some special expertise or first-hand experience in the subject about which they are writing. We tend to avoid articles written by manufacturers, promoting any one product, unless either the technology being discussed is revolutionary in nature or the article avoids reference to the manufacturer’s own products.

How should the article by submitted?The article should be submitted as a Word (for Windows) file to the Editor, Philip Baum. As Aviation Security International is published in the United Kingdom, please endeavour to use UK English (unless a specific programme, or brand, is being described) and use the spell-checker prior to submission.

Submission may either be by e-mail to: editor@avsec.com or sent on diskette or CD to:

Philip Baum
Editor, Aviation Security International,
c/o Green Light Ltd.,
375 Upper Richmond Road West,
East Sheen,
London SW14 7NX,
United Kingdom

What graphics are required? Wherever possible, hi-resolution (300 dpi) jpeg images should accompany the article and be sent by either email or post to the aforementioned addresses.

What information will be published about the author? We normally end each article with a brief biographical sketch of the author. The sketch, submitted by the author, is usually 3 to 4 lines long describing the author, their current title and significant posts previously held.

Is there an editorial submission checklist? Yes! Here goes:

  1. Article should be submitted in Word (for Windows) format, written in UK English
  2. Hi-resolution (300 dpi) jpeg images should be supplied where possible
  3. A brief (3 to 4 lines) biographical sketch of the author should be attached
  4. Contact details of any manufacturer referred to in the article should be provided<

Are authors paid for their articles? We do not pay for articles submitted by airports, airlines, government agencies or manufacturers. We regard Aviation Security International as a trade journal, designed to support the industry. Accordingly, we hope that the industry will, in turn, support the journal. Freelance journalists, effecting detailed research into specific subjects at the request of the Editor of Aviation Security International, will be paid for their submissions. If a payment is made, the author’s contact details are, generally, not printed alongside the article. Consultants may also be paid but, again, their contact details will not be printed alongside the article. The contact details of authors writing for Aviation Security International for free will be published upon request by the author.If payment is required, please stipulate that when submitting your editorial enquiry to the Editor. If we receive an article for publication without a stipulation that payment is required, we will assume that the article is being donated and that no compensation is expected.

May an article be edited or changed in any way? We reserve the right to edit submissions for grammar, style, length and tightness but will not make substantive editorial alterations without the author’s approval. Where an article describes a particular product or a specific manufacturer’s technology, we reserve the right to send the article to the appropriate manufacturer to ensure that their product or technology has been accurately described.

Who owns the rights to the articles? Upon submission of an article, the author is giving tacit permission for us to publish the article or to reprint the article at our option. The author is also warranting that our publication of the article would not be in violation of any existing copyright. We will consider publication of previously published material, providing it meets the aforementioned criteria.

Any queries? Please contact Philip Baum on     +44 (0) 20 8255 9447 +44 (0) 20 8255 9447, or by e-mail ateditor@avsec.com