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Dignity vs Security: addressing religious, social & gender sensitivities in passenger screening

We are all too familiar with the daily challenges involved in keeping flights and passengers secure, while ensuring throughput rates remain high and providing good quality customer service. But what can we do when the measures designed to keep flights and passengers safe are perceived to be offensive, inappropriate or are prohibited by certain cultures [...]

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Smart Security: is it really ‘better security’ and a ‘checkpoint of the future’?

Six years after IATA rolled out its vision - ‘Checkpoint of the Future’ - of a more effective security screening process, offering enhanced passenger facilitation, Steve Wolff takes a look at the original plan, what has been achieved and where we still need to go. Nowadays, with ACI on board and the concept re-branded ‘Smart [...]

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Inflight Deviant Behaviour: appreciating The causes

With the advancement of technology, nearly any human behaviour performed in public can be quickly and easily captured and then shared for the world to see – including incidents occurring at 30,000 feet. The combination of political tension, terrorism, mental illness, and alcohol combined with the stress of air travel means unacceptable inflight behaviour is [...]

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A Personal View: Expressed by Ragna Emilsdóttir

It has been exactly 28 years since I undertook my initial training in aviation. My first job as cabin crew was with an ACMI (a wet-leasing arrangement whereby one airline leases an Aircraft, complete Crew, Maintenance, and Insurance to another) airline based in the Middle East, operating for a large national carrier. My flights included [...]

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Laptops: Control, Alt or Delete?

Special Report & Lead Editorial, Aviation Security International, April 2017 Laptops: Control, Alt or Delete? by Philip Baum I have no doubt that there is sufficient intelligence out there to warrant concern over laptop computers or iPads concealing, and/or their lithium batteries being adapted to initiate, improvised explosive devices. Actually, we didn’t even need the [...]

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Civil Liberties & Aviation Security: a contradiction in terms?

Most of us go about our daily lives oblivious of the security measures put in place to protect us and the society we live in. We know, or at least hope, that the security services are doing their utmost to take necessary steps to guard against the next terrorist atrocity. However, when we fly we [...]

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Foreign Fighters: the role of, and threat to, international civil aviation

The threat posed by so-called ‘foreign fighters’ has intensified over the last few years. Dr John Harrison attempts to place the complex issue in context and offer some ways in which the international civil aviation system can play a role in addressing the threat. One of the defining characteristics of the al-Qa’eda (AQ) and Da’esh [...]

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MS804: explosive residue on victims confirmed

by Philip Baum When EgyptAir flight MS804 crashed on 19 May last year, whilst en route from Paris to Cairo, speculation was rife that the disaster had been caused by a terrorist bomb. After all, modern aeroplanes don’t just fall out of the sky and, considering that both Egypt and France were at the time, [...]

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Non Orbis Unum (Not One World): the problem with one-stop security

For years the aviation security industry has worked towards an idealised standard of security whereby passengers are only ever screened once at the onset of their journey, regardless of the number of transit stops. However, in the current climate, the concept of one-stop security is not only looking to be less achievable but also less [...]

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Get Out!: airport evacuations, protecting lives and reputations during unplanned events

How do we differentiate between an evacuation and an escape? Airports have long had evacuation plans for a variety of circumstances, from natural disasters to fire alarms and from significant weather events to security breaches. But lately the industry has had to come to terms with a new type of evacuation, one that is entirely [...]

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