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Non Orbis Unum (Not One World): the problem with one-stop security

For years the aviation security industry has worked towards an idealised standard of security whereby passengers are only ever screened once at the onset of their journey, regardless of the number of transit stops. However, in the current climate, the concept of one-stop security is not only looking to be less achievable but also less [...]

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Get Out!: airport evacuations, protecting lives and reputations during unplanned events

How do we differentiate between an evacuation and an escape? Airports have long had evacuation plans for a variety of circumstances, from natural disasters to fire alarms and from significant weather events to security breaches. But lately the industry has had to come to terms with a new type of evacuation, one that is entirely [...]

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Civil Liberties & Aviation Security: a contradiction in terms?

Most of us go about our daily lives oblivious of the security measures put in place to protect us and the society we live in. We know, or at least hope, that the security services are doing their utmost to take necessary steps to guard against the next terrorist atrocity. However, when we fly we [...]

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A Personal View: Expressed by Philip Baum

On 11th September 2001, 19 hijackers changed the world and the way we view aviation security…but not, seemingly, the way threat is assessed. 15 of them were from Saudi Arabia, two were from the United Arab Emirates, and one each from Egypt and Lebanon. In the other major attacks against American aviation interests, Richard Reid [...]

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Interview: Captain Vladimir ‘Vlatko’ Vodopivec

One year ago, on 2nd February 2016, Daallo Airlines flight 159 departed Mogadishu bound for Djibouti. In the cockpit’s left-hand seat was an experienced Serbian captain, Vladimir (Vlatko) Vodopivec, who had no idea that this was to be his final flight. Shortly after departure, a passenger, seated in a window seat in the sixteenth row, [...]

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ARMLET: setting-up an air marshal training centre

In September 2016, delegates from across the Europe gathered in Bucharest to attend the closing conference for the Romanian-led ARMLET project. Lucy Rawlings attended the event to report on the initiative itself and witness first-hand some of capabilities of the air marshals trained as part of this European Union-funded programme. The ARMLET project first came [...]

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A European Revolution in Regulation: distinguishing between passengers and non-passengers

Aircrew in general, and pilots in particular, have long promoted the concept of alleviated checkpoints on account of their responsibilities on board aircraft and their overall contribution to aviation security. In addition, the advancement of ETD (Explosive Trace Detection) equipment has allowed regulations to evolve, to distinguish between passengers and non-passengers, and to recognise the [...]

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Security, Just Like Safety, Is Everyone’s Responsibility: an indispensable lesson in security awareness

A soft target is an ideal target for a would-be terrorist. It has been said that the bad guys only have to get it right once while those responsible for preventing a terrorist attack have to get it right all of the time. Sometimes, assessing how effective, or ineffective, your internal security programme is requires [...]

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Behind Bars… Now Behind You:carrying criminals and other deviants

Two years ago Mark Vorzimmer, the Head of Security at Virgin America, received a LinkedIn affiliation request from two young Western Michigan University students, Gabriel Langley and Alexander Szalay, interested in going into the field of aviation law. Gabe and Alex were already pursuing a curriculum in aviation operations and management, and were specifically inquiring [...]

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A Personal View expressed by Nico Voorbach

In January 2016 I went from being an active airline pilot to becoming the Civil Air Navigation Services Organisation (CANSO) representative of ICAO for the Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSPs). This led me to consider aspects of aviation security that had not, as a pilot, previously been at the forefront of my concerns. In particular, [...]

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