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Laptops: Control, Alt or Delete?

Special Report & Lead Editorial, Aviation Security International, April 2017 Laptops: Control, Alt or Delete? by Philip Baum I have no doubt that there is sufficient intelligence out there to warrant concern over laptop computers or iPads concealing, and/or their lithium batteries being adapted to initiate, improvised explosive devices. Actually, we didn’t even need the [...]

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Editors View on The latest restrictions introduced in the US and UK

Philip Baum - Editor in Chief - Aviation Security International  The latest restrictions introduced in the US and UK only go to prove that, once again, terrorism wins. The terrorists aim is to disrupt our daily lives and this they are achieving in spades as we continue to follow the misguided policy of focussing on [...]

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US bans laptops, iPads and other electronic devices on flights from certain Middle Eastern airports

US authorities have announced a ban on certain electronic devices from US-bound flights on planes from a list of countries. The new rule was announced on Tuesday by the department of homeland security. Officials claimed the ban had been under consideration since the US government learned of a threat several weeks ago. A statement released [...]

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EgyptAir flight from Paris to Cairo missing with 66 on board

An EgyptAir flight carrying 66 passengers and crew on a flight from Paris to Cairo disappeared from radar over the Mediterranean Sea, Egypt's national airline said. Egyptian Prime Minister Sherif Ismail said the search was underway to find the missing Airbus A320 and it was too early to rule out any explanation for the incident, [...]

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Special Report: Brussels Zaventem: the front-of-house attack becomes reality

AN AVIATION SECURITY INTERNATIONAL SPECIAL REPORT: Brussels Zaventem: the front-of-house attack becomes reality By Philip Baum   Few security analysts can claim to be surprised by the atrocities perpetrated against both the airport and the metro system in Brussels on Tuesday 22nd March 2016; neither by the targets selected, nor by the method of attack, [...]

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Metrojet Flight KGL9268: A Special Report

By Philip Baum, Editor, Aviation Security InternationalIt was 11 days ago that I had the privilege of chairing the session on the ‘Insider Threat’ at AVSEC World 2015 (the annual global aviation security conference, nowadays co-hosted by the International Air Transport Association, Airports Council International and International Civil Aviation Organisation) held in Dublin. During the [...]

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MH 370 – a “deliberate act”

Special Report: MH 370 - a "deliberate act"A SPECIAL REPORT MH 370: a "deliberate act" but how and by whom? BY PHILIP BAUM EDITOR, AVIATION SECURITY INTERNATIONAL & MANAGING DIRECTOR, GREEN LIGHT LTD. The loss of Malaysian Airlines flight MH 370 has left the entire world, including the aviation community, perplexed. Industry professionals simply have [...]

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MH 370: Terrorism?

AVIATION SECURITY INTERNATIONAL BRINGS YOU A SPECIAL EDITORIAL ON THE POTENTIAL SECURITY IMPLICATIONS SURROUNDING THE TRAGIC LOSS OF MH 370 MH 370: Terrorism? by Philip Baum, Editor, ASI 48 hours have elapsed since the ‘loss’ of MH 370. Along with many others, I have been reluctant to speculate, but as hours move to days we [...]

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Lombok International Airport Opens with Astrophysics Security Systems

The long awaited Lombok International Airport successfully opened on October 1, 2011 with Astrophysics x-ray detection systems. Located in Central Lombok, the new airport is now the sole airport on the island, replacing the older Selaparang Airpor buy an essay paper t. On October 20, 2011 the Lombok Airport was officially inaugurated by the President [...]

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XAVER™ 100 Launched by Camero

Camero has launched the Xaver™ 100. The Xaver™ 100 stems from the core radar-based imaging technology used in the Xaver™ line of through wall imaging products. The X100 uses micro-power, Ultra Wide Band (UWB), pulsed radar to penetrate standard building materials and alert the user to the presence of life on the other side of [...]

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