Editors View on The latest restrictions introduced in the US and UK

Philip Baum - Editor in Chief - Aviation Security International  The latest restrictions introduced in the US and UK only go to prove that, once again, terrorism wins. The terrorists aim is to disrupt our daily lives and this they are achieving in spades as we continue to follow the misguided policy of focussing on [...]

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Aircraft Design

With developments in the type and frequency of terrorist attacks against the aviation industry, airport security measures have had to evolve in order to protect against threats posed both by passengers with malicious intent as well as by the insider threat. However, aircraft design also has a significant role to play in foiling inflight attacks [...]

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Test Greg

One Two Three

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Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems: the threat of unmanned flying objects

In today’s aviation security environment, we expend many resources in order to secure both the airport and the aircraft. But, we have also seen that there are scenarios whereby one does not have to be in the airport or on board the aircraft in order to target civil aviation. The cyber threat is becoming increasingly [...]

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A female passenger on an Aero Contractors aircraft about to depart for Benin started screaming that she didn’t want to fly, causing concern amongst the passengers who demanded that the aircraft return to the gate.

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