CATSA Contracts

Screening Services in Canada: an evolved model

The Canadian Air Transport Security Authority’s (CATSA) recent transition to new contracts for screening services in 89 Canadian airports was a major undertaking.  Following a procurement process that spanned two years, CATSA successfully transitioned to the new contracts in a way that was seamless to the travelling public and had no negative impact on security.  Only one year into the new contracts, the Crown corporation has already begun to realise many of the benefits the new contracts offer. Yves Duguay takes us through the developments to date.

Created after the tragic events of 11th September 2001, CATSA is mandated by the Government of Canada to oversee aviation screening services at Canada’s designated airports. We follow a third-party screening contractor service delivery model in which three service providers supply and manage the screening workforce.  This model – through which CATSA purchases screening hours from screening contractors at a prescribed billing rate – has been reviewed by the government and deemed to be the best choice for Canada.  Oversight is provided by CATSA’s regulator, Transport Canada as well as CATSA’s regional teams. CATSA translates the regulations set out by Transport Canada into Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) which become part of the terms and conditions of every airport screening services agreement (ASSA).