Guernsey and Alderney Airports Appoint IDGateway™ to Boost Security

Guernsey and Alderney Airports have enlisted the services of IDGateway™, an online platform that securely manages the ID pass application process for airport staff and vehicles. The airports are among the first to reap the benefits of IDGateway’s new product aimed specifically at smaller airports.
By going from paper-based processing to an online system, the airports are set to greatly reduce the number of applications rejected by manual form-filling errors, as well as enhancing security and improving the turnaround time of pass applications.
The system spots any trends, highlights any names of interest, and carries out an automated random selection for verification checks so that human influence doesn’t impact the applications chosen.
Previously, IDGateway’s bespoke platform was used by larger international airports – including Heathrow. However, the recently launched ‘one-size-fits-all’ version of the bespoke product enables smaller airports to benefit from the security and efficiency offered by IDGateway™, without impacting on their current processes.