Leidos’ BEONTRA Selected by Keflavik Airport

Icelandic airport operator, Isavia has selected the BEONTRA Operational Terminal Prediction (OTP) tool from Leidos to help maximize the efficiency of its terminal operations at Keflavik Airport following a successful pilot project.
BEONTRA OTP is a forecasting and prediction tool that can accurately improve resource planning throughout the airport. This is done using data consolidated from a number of sources including live flight updates from the Airport Operational Database and stakeholders such as airlines. The information, updated in real-time, gives airport staff the ability to manage the passenger journey. The system combines real-time information with airport trend data, for example, how early passengers tend to arrive, how long it takes people to walk through the terminal, and how long it takes passengers to pass through each checkpoint. The result is a simple graphic display showing when passenger wait times will peak.