Sas R&D Services Update Contraband Detection Kit

Sas R&D Services Update Contraband Detection Kit

Florida-based Sas R&D Services has announced a significant update to their CEK® Contraband Detection Kit, now designated as ‘The Ultimate Seeker’®. The kit has been reconfigured to add new tools and instruments, dramatically enhancing operational capabilities. A major feature of the upgrade is to accommodate a collapsible two-metre extension arm for the Xpose Density Meter, together with a remote control tablet, which controls all features and adapts to users’ own programmes.

The Xpose density meter has a rolling graph display as well as digital indication of changes in density, storage capacity of 100 scans, and a rugged construction with waterproofing and drop resistance.

A new under-vehicle and high-place lightweight inspection tool ‘The Inspectacam’ has been added to the kit, sharing the same extension arm as the Xpose, with an auto-switching day/IR camera for visual inspections in bright sun or total darkness. This item replaces easily damaged mirrors and stores inspections for later examination and training. In addition to checking under vehicles, the Inspectacam can examine the top of freight containers from ground level.

The SASRAD two-metre long Readyscope Videoscope is also in the kit, with 180-degree articulation of the tip and, for the first time, offering interchangeable high definition monitors, 1280 x 720 pixel image, with 6X zoom, rotate and flip functions using simple software.

Other items in the kit include optical inspection devices, hand tools, evidence preservation kit and illumination; everything an inspecting officer may need to have at hand in the field. The kit is supplied with an instructional DVD in several languages. Contents of the kit may be modified by users to suit operational requirements to give the best value for money.